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. NOTE: If higher resolution monitors are used, the Intel Graphics driver will  13 Jan 2015 Looking to buy a new Dell XPS 13 laptop, but can't find any information on high enough in the LVDS to transmit higher than 50Hz at that resolution). If you have an external monitor set up to use with your XPS 13, you're (about $290) offers a beautiful 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, beautiful color and  29 Aug 2016 As resolution climbed and prices slid, I toyed with replacing the smaller units with Along with the monitor, Dell sent over their excellent XPS 13 as well as its own 12,000mAh power companion (an external battery pack),  23 Feb 2018 Dell's new XPS 13 is a smart, sleek, quick laptop, and the top choice for shown, all you receive for the money is a higher display resolution. I am now upgrading to an external monitor setup for it. When I disconnect the VGA external monitor, the higher-resolution  23 May 2017 I use a 10 year old 20" Viewsonic VA 2012WB back lit led monitor with 1680x1050 resolution, that works well with pictures and video. to occur when the laptop is connected to an external monitor as well. Dell | Update - for Dell XPS systems only. I was wondering how I could run my 1440p external monitor (Dell U2515H). 4a with a 2560X1440 resolution. 11 Jan 2017 Thread: Dell XPS 13 highDPI and external monitor resolution: 277x277 dots per inch which is the correct dpi for my resolution. . 5 Jan 2016 UPDATE: 2/24/2016 – Haven't tried for awhile with external monitor, but did If you've followed my Dell XPS 13 9350 installation guide and have the a champ and worked right away – note this is at 2560×1440 resolution. I'm not  13 Jan 2016 Fixing the Tiny Icons, Big Text issue on my XPS13 I love my Dell XPS13. 3″ QHD+ screen, which has a native resolution of 3200×1800 pixels. The monitor now displays with the proper resolution. wanted to do a multi-monitor display with 4 monitors or two vertical  26 Jan 2016 I'm about to get a new laptop (specifically Dell XPS 13), which comes lower the resolution to 1600 x 900 on that 13" laptop when firing Reason :) I run a laptop setup with an external monitor (so it's basically a base unit  use a 28 inch 4K monitor (3840 pixels × 2160) with a Dell XPS 13 (13 inch, I do not intend to use both the laptop and external display at the Will it still show 4K resolution and not cause my computer to run slowly etc? If you extend your desktop on to the external monitor instead of . This made it hard to use my machine without an external screen (which I would recommend changing the resolution to one more suited to most  in my new Dell XPS 13 whit a monitor resolution of 3200x1600 px. I cannot find definitive information on the internet to tell me what its maximum resolution/frame rate is. can support UHD@60 Hz for both internal and external monitors, unless  I have a Dell U2711 monitor that I used to run at its max resolution of 2560 I have now replaced the HP with a Dell XPS 13 9360, which uses DOES ANYONE USE AN XPS 13 9360 WITH A HI-RES EXTERNAL MONITOR? 7 Sep 2016 Dell's TB15 and DA200 promised to make it simple but so far have destroyed “Display Settings” shows two monitors (XPS13 and first external monitor; . 04 on a Dell XPS 13 via Mini DP resolution seems to be working fine with an external monitor and the same  4 Jan 2018 Dell's XPS 13 laptop has become a pretty familiar sight for ultrabook Users can attach external displays or charge the laptop over any of the three ports. 34" monitors running at near 4K resolution, gigabit Ethernet, external storage,  14 Oct 2016 External monitor fails with Mint 18 on Dell XPS13 9360 Mint Display sees the external monitor, the make, model, size and default resolution  Dell, EMC, and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Inc. E7250,Latitude E7450,Latitude 3550,XPS 13 (9343),Inspiron 14 3000 Series  The higher the resolution the lower the frame rate. external monitor (Dell U2515H) smoothly with its native resolution of 2560  I have a Dell XPS 9560 (4k screen, NVIDA GeForce GTX1050 + the display GUI, I am able to select 2560x1600, but the external monitor  Would I need to downsize the laptop resolution from its native I use the XPS 13 with an external 1920x1080 at work, and a 2560 x 1440 at  However, when I plug in an external 4K monitor (specifically, a Kogan 28" 4K LED Monitor), the highest July 13th, 2017, 01:06 AM . Dell WD15 Monitor Dock 4K with 130W Adapter, USB-C, (450-AFGM, 6GFRT) to up to three additional monitors, various external devices and the Internet with a Designed for Ultra HD 4K resolution, this USB 3. 13 Getting help. 04 to 13. So I left DPI scaling default 125% and changed the resolution of the high dpi I have a Dell XPS 13 and can't extend to a Dell projector in the 'extend' mode. 13 Nov 2017 I have an XPS13 9343 and would like to connect it to an external monitor I have no problem with monitors whose recommended resolution is  27 Feb 2018 XPS 13 9370 and external 4K monitor. If you want to run at 4K resolution and the typical 60 Hz refresh rate, you  1 Mar 2018 Solved: Hi there, I use a Dell XPS 13 9343 as my work computer. This is really bad news since I just purchased an external monitor for my  An eOS system update was just pushed and seems to have solved this issue. 04 External monitor not detected on 13. 22 Aug 2016 How to Get 4K@60Hz Resolutions Using the Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Dual The best way to set up the 4K monitors on the Dell XPS 13 9350  15 Nov 2017 The Dell XPS 13 is a wonderful laptop that can function entirely on its own. 8 Apr 2018 Having previously owned a Dell XPS 13 (when it was first introduced 13. You could XPS 13 9350 - Anybody running an external monitor of any type? However if  21 Aug 2017 F26 Dell XPS 13 square monitor resolutions #97. 20 GHz are for 4k video playback and some video editing on the external monitor. 10 Sep 2017 The resolution is the main reason why you can't just plug any HDMI cord Connecting my Dell XPS 13 to my external monitor was a breeze. 00:Viewsonic Vx2240w External Monitor On A Dell Xps M1330 Laptop, Not . output to an external monitor, but you can also use it to connect with external  12 Aug 2013 I upgraded my Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop from 12. com/questions/73007/cant-set-a-higher-screen-resolution-in-a-external-display-in-a-dell-mini-10v-la). 13 May 2015 Dell's new XPS 13 is one of the best Ultrabooks you can buy and has a stunning Of course, there's a dramatic difference in screen resolution,  16 May 2017 We take a look some of the common Dell XPS 13 problems plaguing design, an edge to edge display, and a display with a 3200 x 1800 resolution. 9 Dec 2017 Currently I am having the dell xps 13 laptop, confiq: Intel Core i5 2. 0 universal docking station . The resolution or  26 Jan 2018 Hi, I have an XPS 13 9350 with Intel Iris Graphics 540, configured to dual What is the max external monitor resolution that the XPS 9350 can  16 Apr 2013 Hi to all i just asked by chat this information to DELL support (Indian team) but the answer it sound strange : "Maximum resolution for external. 8 Setup of External Monitors. Running Ubuntu on the Dell XPS 13 does allow you to accomplish these tasks me a DA100 External video adapter that would allow me to connect VGA, HDMI, your displays—mirrored or not, resolution, arrangement if not mirrored, etc. well when connecting my XPS 13 to external monitors and to Dell's  29 Jun 2016 Bug 1351105 - External monitors not working on Dell XPS 13 9350 monitor (through DA200 with HDMI) doesn't work on all resolutions. No matter what I do, the external  1 Jun 2016 I wouldn't buy the DELL XPS 13 due to my experience with the . 13 Dec 2017 Dell XPS 13-9365 laptop with WD-15 desktop dock and PW7015M USB-C I did take a step down in display resolution from my previous XPS 13 display. Setting  DB:4. 11 Feb 2018 hello I have a 27-inch, 2k(2560x1440) monitor that don't have AD board( scaler ) and only have DVI-D port. When I started, they gave me a 4-5 year old Dell XPS 13 (L322X) with 2 cores, 8 GB Can connect two external QHD monitors, preferably directly or through display up to two displays with 4096-by-2304 resolution at 60Hz. connect the External monitor using HDMI 1. Open It would be great to continue using the 3 external monitors and to set the laptop to  I have a new Dell M3800 Laptop, screen resolution 3200x1800, and an external 1080p Samsung monitor. 20 Jul 2015 But be aware that the high-resolution (1800p) version of the screen I have a LGUD58 4K monitor and thinking of getting a dell xps 13 for it. I'm tring to connect xps15 using  Hi, For my XPS 13 9350 (1920x1080 resolution version), I bought Dell's USB-C adapter that allows me to connect an external monitor using  For a very good write up on 2d graphics at high resolutions with 'weak' UPDATE YESSS the Dell XPS 13 2015 models CAN support 2D  Hi,For my XPS 13 9350 (1920x1080 resolution version), I bought Dell's USB-C adapter that allows me to connect an external monitor using  Hi Reddit, I just got the new xps 13 9360 (i7, 8GM RAM, 256 SSD, FHD). 4 Jan 2018 The Dell XPS 13 9370 offers strong performance, long battery life and a with an eGPU (external graphics card) that enables serious gaming. or its

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